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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

This was originally my last Facebook post for 2013, so I figured that it would be fitting to make it my first WordPress blog entry for 2014:

1) Cease thinking about all the opportunities you missed in 2013 and work hard to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in 2014. It’s fine to feel miserable about it for a while but at some point you just have to move and and hope to do better.
2) Be more cautious of people. Not everyone can be trusted. You’ve already been stabbed in the back before by classmates and friends you once thought you could rely on, so learn from it.
3) Make an effort to actually finish writing all your stories but also try to think about it’s demographic. Ask yourself every time you write why are you writing this in the first place and who is it meant to be read by.
4) Stop making promises or commitments that you can’t keep and only do things that are well within your power. Trying to go past your limits without really understanding the situation will only make things difficult.
5) Learn to let go of some things which you have an emotional attachment to. For all the importance that sentimental values have upon certain objects, unless it really means alot to you, it’s better to let them go lest they become house clutter, or worse, item storage.
6) Don’t be afraid to take a more critical approach in handling problems. Always going for the easy way out by giving in to the popular opinion of doing things just to get a passing grade or being content with the sheer simplicity of things clearly denotes a severe lack of creativity.
7) Try to go out of the house more often. (easier said than done XD)