Pro Tempore

The title of this blog entry stems from a familiar political term that refers to the second highest position in the Senate: the President Pro Tempore. The word itself means “for the time being” in Latin, denoting a state of temporary occupation. I name this entry as such due to the fact that much of what is going on in the material world we all live in is very much temporary. Even the thoughts going through my head will only remain there for some time, so i think recording them either on paper or on the web will help to preserve the knowledge.

I originally told myself that for this year, I would try to be more active in doing things I love. And I intend to fulfill that promise.

I have a number of subjects in my head that I want to blog about, so I’ll just write it down here as a reminder for myself and as a preview for those of you who are interested in reading what the Pacific Viceroy has to say.

Take note that while some of the topics I list down here are very much serious in nature, others have the potential to border on sarcasm and hilarity. I would also like to mention that in spite of the numbered topics, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will post them in that order.

1. A Broad Look At The First Year Of Pope Francis I

2. Capitalism Is Neither Good Nor Evil

3. Pax Sinica: China’s Role In The 21st Century

4. Sociocultural Reflections In Disney’s “Frozen”

5. Facebook Everyday: Influence Of The World’s Most Powerful Social Network

6. Clockwork Configuration: A Comparative Analysis Of All 3 Books In The “Infernal Devices” Trilogy

7. The Always-Reactionary (as opposed to being proactive) Philippine Government

8. Politics And Business In “The Legend Of Korra – Book 2 ~Spirits~”

9. 2013: A Year Of Great Memories & Missed Opportunities

10. 2014: Films, Games, Books, TV Series & Music To Check Out

11. 2015: What To Prepare For

12. 2016: The Last Period In The Age Of Obama & The Year We Say Bye-Bye To P-Noy (focuses on upcoming elections for both USA and Philippines, featuring coverage of Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, the Binays, Grace Poe, Loren Legarda, Richard Gordon, Sonny Angara, Risa Hontiveros, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Juan Ponce Enrile, and a plethora of other major political personalities from both countries)

13. Half Open Closets: The Ongoing Battle Between Gay Pride And Homophobia

14. How To Wrap A Book In Plastic (yes, I am actually going to talk about this)

15. spoiler details on the first book of “The Chronicles Of Azundriel” (a fantasy book series that I’ve been working on for years)

16. In Perspective: Analyzing The Great Evils Of Ultra-Conservatism

17. Definition Of Good: The Best Things About Being A Liberal

18. Why Fair Trade Is Better Than Free Trade

19. Humorous Advice To People Who Might Hate It

20. A Tribute To My Best Friends (something personal but worth sharing)

and so much more to come…

So far, what you see here is merely the tip of the iceberg. Just in case you happen to have a mental compartment in your brain the size of the Titanic (and I don’t mean that as an insult, I mean it as a compliment since I want to believe that most people are open minded), I highly recommend bringing along some diving gear since you’ll probably be heading very deep into a previously undiscovered wellspring of colorful insight.

As I continue dishing out my opinions on a variety of subjects in the coming weeks, some of them may change overtime and others may stay the same. The reason I’ve decided to set an outline for what I want to talk about is so that not only can people have an idea of what could be in store for them this year, but also to make them understand that everything we’ve been through in the past reflects easily on what could happen to our future, evidenced by what is already going in the present. I believe that it is important for people to be prepared rather than caught unawares (much like how the Philippine government, regardless of who it’s current President is -be it P-Noy, GMA, Erap, FVR, or whoever- at the time, always loves to wait until after a typhoon has struck before making plans to prevent more causalities).

But I’ve rambled on long enough. I wish you all a good year ahead while continuing to hope that the progressive kind of change (general respect for human rights and ) that has slowly been taking root in most countries these last several years can influence the rest of the world that will inevitably lead to a better tomorrow. Corny as it sounds, I believe it to be true and will cling onto that hope for as long as I can.

Oh, and one last reminder: this is a blog so the views personally expressed herein are my own. There will be times when I sound politically incorrect so I welcome fair criticism and necessary corrections. I also appreciate critique (be it positive or negative) of any kind but I won’t tolerate mean-spirited commentary (otherwise known as bullying) of any sort.

That’s all for now. Please stay tuned 🙂

In other news, HILLARY CLINTON 2016 (I don’t care if she hasn’t made an official announcement, everyone knows she’s gonna run anyway!)


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