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Cat Cafe Time at Hapi Neko, Shibuya

A Modern Girl / モダンガール

Hapi Neko

I love cats. I recent acquired two adorable kittens (one Persian, one Himalayan), but since they are back in Berkeley while I am in Tokyo for the summer, I’ve been experiencing some definite cat withdrawals. Luckily, Tokyo is home to a number of cat cafes, which are perfect for people like me who just can’t have pets at home but really just want to be in the vicinity of these cute creatures for a little while. Anyway, for my very first cat cafe, I chose Hapi Neko (“Happy Cat”) near my old apartment in Dogenzaka, Shibuya.

Hapi Neko

Hapi Neko is a cute little cafe that overlooks Shibuya’s bustling streets yet manages to be very quiet and peaceful. It’s bright and cheerful with several little couches and chairs where patrons can sit and enjoy a drink and some little cookies while enjoying their feline companions. Admission to Hapi Neko was…

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